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About me

Certified Expert for Footwear Complaints

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I have many years of experience as a sworn certified expert appraiser; State Inspectorate
Commerce and the Polish Chamber of Leather Industry.
Experience in working with footwear, leather goods and utility items
made of leather, imitation leather or leather derivatives, I bought it during my work
professional, going through the next stages of the career to a master craftsman with the title of an instructor
apprenticeship by training students from the Multi-branch Vocational School.

What is assessed by an expert appraiser
Assesses footwear and products in order to determine whether they have a manufacturing defect, defect or fault
destruction of the product in accordance with applicable law (warranty, quality guarantee).
Recognizes the type of defect or damage and classifies their nature in terms of possible
requests such as: free repair, price reduction, cashback or replacement of things with a new one.

Who is the expert's opinion helpful to
Both the consumer and the entrepreneur that the complaint process is reliable, objective and consistent with the condition of the causes. During disputes with an unrecognized complaint with the seller, the assessment of its validity is often performed automatically by the seller's employee as a "specialist" and not by an expert, i.e. wrongly. The advertiser submits an appeal against the complaint, but without obtaining confirmation that he, and not the seller, is right, cannot complete the complaint process positively. In such cases, it is an expert with in-depth knowledge and powers who will analyze the process, make an objective assessment, and after confirming the defect, constitute a document strengthening his position, so that in the further process the Ombudsman, the Consumer Federation or State Institutions can effectively provide legal assistance to the consumer. . The opinion of the appraiser is also a document confirming the defect also before the Common Court as a pre-court opinion. The expert in technical disputes is also helpful to sellers entrepreneurs in responding to the statements of consumer institutions, consumer advocates or the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court at the Trade Inspection outlets.

Organized and effective

Efficient and factual opinion. Thank you for your help

Dorota Szewczyk

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