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Court expert at the District Court in Białystok for the leather and footwear industry
An appraiser of the Trade Inspection in Białystok, leather and footwear industry, responsible for quality
products and services.
An appraiser of the Polish Chamber of Leather Industry in Łódź, specializing in footwear
Instructor of Practical Vocational Education, specialization in footwear.
Author of the National Examination Standards in the profession of an orthopedic shoe shoe maker
Evaluator of Professional Competence Standards.
Expert member of the Shoe Vocational Competence Standards
Participant of a number of footwear conferences, Congresses of Judicial Sciences and a member of the ZrzP
Master of Polish Craft in the profession of a shoe-maker.

In the event of a product defect confirmed by an expert opinion
the complainant is also entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred in the course of the complaint by
Article 566. § 1. The Civil Code regulates the costs incurred by the seller. Pursuant to the provisions of law, when a physical defect has occurred and the buyer submits a declaration of withdrawal from the contract (request for a refund of the price paid) or price reduction, he is also entitled to demand from the seller a refund of the costs related to the complaint. Outlays are the cost of footwear, the cost of shipping the goods, the cost of the expert's opinion (if it has confirmed the existence of a product defect). Legal bases Art. 561 [2] §1 and §2; Art. 561 [3] of the Civil Code.

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From the life of an expert

There is a possibility in the case of technically complex assessments and divergent positions of the parties
conducting an expert opinion by an expert team composed of several experts.

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